<span>GROW</span> Pharma
<span>GROW</span> Pharma

GROW Pharma

Leading in the supply of prescribed cannabis medicines.

GROW are the UK’s largest suppliers of quality prescribed cannabis medicines. We offer a comprehensive suite of educational materials for healthcare professionals, together with one-to-one MSL support, learning events and prescription support for new doctors.

Because every patient matters

Partnering with world-leading cannabis producers including Tilray and Aurora, we also supply our own range of GROW cannabis oils and flowers. We work with doctors from all UK-based cannabis-prescribing clinics and are able to formulate bespoke THC/CBD ratio oils specific to patients’ needs.

With our high-level expertise, we can formulate and source the medicines required by doctors for the best patient outcomes. Supplying a wide range of prescribed cannabis medicines, we can also make direct patient deliveries where needed. Every effort is taken to ensure that patients have access to the most beneficial cannabis medicines.

Because <span>every</span> patient matters
Because <span>every</span> patient matters

GROW promises to provide:

Patient support

Collaborating with Integro Medical Clinic, we’ve introduced the GROW Access Project with the aim of lowering the costs for patients on means-tested benefits and UK veterans of the armed forces.

Doctor support

The GROW doctor portal has been set up to ensure that doctors have ready access to everything from educational materials and webinars to pricing information and discussions on best practices.

Producer support

GROW works in partnership with licensed producers, supporting the launch of cannabis medicines ranges across the UK. We have been selected as the pharmacy partners of the CanPain Trial through LVL Health. We’ve also launched Calyx, the GROW patient app that enables the tracking of cannabis medicine health outcomes. The app can be used to capture data on behalf of healthcare professionals for the support of research and case studies (with patient consent).

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