<span>GROW</span> Trading
<span>GROW</span> Trading

GROW Trading

GROW solve global inefficiencies and unlock the potential of cannabis.

With high-level regulatory expertise, unmatched understanding of patient needs, and a science-driven approach, GROW present the opportunity for trading in the rapidly expanding medical cannabis market.

Able to trade as a broker and principal, you can leverage GROW’s strategic strength and capabilities in the global supply and demand of medical cannabis.

Don’t pass up the opportunity of access to supply-chain financing solutions and expertise in the sourcing of scientifically-proven cannabis.

As the in-house procurement division of GROW, we support the sale, distribution, and marketing of GROW products (Pharma/Germany), technology (Biotech), and product (Iberia). Realise the potential for medical cannabis trading and innovation through our supply chain financing solutions.

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