2019 Year End Review



After successfully fulfilling multiple prescriptions with the UK’s first bulk import of medicinal cannabis, and importing an array of different products shortly after, we established an integrated solution with our partner IPS Pharma, incorporating Logist Pharma in April this year. There have been exciting developments in the UK medical cannabis sector since the medication’s rescheduling in November 2018. However, it hasn’t been without its challenges.

Despite the distraction of Brexit and multiple elections, cannabis has remained a large talking point for many news and media outlets across the nation who have looked to us for insight and clarity on the state of the market. None of the many milestones achieved in the last 12 months would have been possible without our valued supply partners. By offering a more extensive range of products from multiple manufacturers, doctors have been able to understand more clearly the potential for this new treatment option.

Since launching, we have established three valuable partnerships with leading global manufacturers. This has allowed us to grow our exclusive offering of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) and present a full basket of the highest quality products to UK doctors. Feedback from healthcare professionals has been positive and many are excited to see more products on offer from the esteemed members of this exclusive group of leading manufacturers.

Not only have we been responsible for fulfilling more than 70% of the nation’s prescriptions so far, we have also had the privilege of assisting with the supply for multiple UK-based studies that we believe show promise for the state of the UK market. It has been an encouraging year for Logist Pharma and we are excited to continue growing the market in the New Year.

Import and Supply 

In February this year, a short time after the rescheduling of CBMPs, Grow Biotech and IPS Pharma came together to manage the first successful import of medicinal cannabis. This laid the foundation for numerous imports to follow. Due to our strong relationships with the MHRA and Home Office, we have built trust and continue to influence the development of legislation in this area. As supply from our exclusive partners becomes more consistent and frequent, we will continue to pave the way for further acceptance of this new medicine. Having successfully imported five different cannabis medicines thus far, we are able to present a wide array of medicines available for prescription and continue to position ourselves as the go to solution for doctors. We also have a long list of new products in the pipeline varying from flower to sublingual oils and tablets. This provides doctors with an improved toolkit of options enabling them to choose the most appropriate treatment for their patients.

Thanks to our reputation as the leading supplier for prescriptions, we are often approached with plans for new Observational Studies and Clinical Trials. After assessment and qualification of each, we are advantageously positioned to offer supply for these projects and will continue to present our range of high quality products working alongside our partners to assist with the success of suitable studies. This is a crucial aspect of ensuring the UK market grows substantially in its early stages. We are consistently reviewing clinical trial opportunities and look to provide relevant statements to our partners on our assessment of each.

In recent months we have also established a partnership with an Irish distributor and will be facilitating the supply of two newly registered products with the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). This gives us the ability to grow our geographical presence and fulfill more prescriptions in the region. However, given our physical presence is currently UK-based and there is plenty to be achieved here, we plan to primarily focus our attention on growing the UK market for our partners. This will improve our ability to supply for Ireland off the back of prescriptions fulfilled in the UK.

Doctor Education 

At the forefront of our work in the UK is our educational services and one-on-one assistance to doctors both currently prescribing and interested in prescribing cannabis medicines for their patients. Currently, the most common indication for prescribing CBMPs is for chronic pain. Our Medical Affairs team has been working closely with a large pipeline of doctors and medical clinics, assisting them with everything they need to ensure they feel comfortable and empowered to make an informed medical decision when prescribing from our portfolio of products. Since November that has resulted in over 100 new interactions already. This indicates a large amount of interest and with the ongoing development of our new website we expect to substantially increase engagement directly with doctors in the coming months.

As part of our offering to doctors, we have curated a series of guides focused on Pain, Epilepsy, Nausea, and Spasticity. These are provided upon request to doctors and have been well received amongst doctors who require a basic introduction to cannabis as a medicine. We have a collection of studies and trials that have taken place around the world for each indication, as well as an introduction to medicinal cannabis and a guide to prescribing in the UK.

The Medical Affairs team have attended over 15 medical events across the country, representing the Logist brand and talking to healthcare professionals about our integrated offering. Our services have been well received and we have been able to begin important conversations with Key Opinion Leaders for a variety of indications.

Team Expansion

We are also excited to introduce new members of our expanded team with additions to the Medical Affairs team and Leadership.

Mark Welsh 
Medical Science Liaison(MSL)

Mark is an experienced Medical Science Liaison with a background in Clinical Pharmacology. His experience in Medical Affairs with major companies like NAPP and Abbvie and his understanding of the therapy areas that are linked to medicinal cannabis will greatly support our growing business. Mark’s remit includes medical training, therapy area training, and medical support and information. He also leads on our compliance initiatives and control.

Jenna Pritchard
Medical Solutions Partner (MSP)

Jenna joins us on secondment from IPS Pharma. She has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market and understands the pharmacy/logistics area very well. At IPS she has built her expertise in the unlicensed and generics medicines markets. This makes Jenna the ideal person to guide potential prescribers through the system and support them with the logistical aspects – a crucial role in this new market.

Pierre Van Weperen
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Pierre is an experienced operational and strategic leader with significant success in running £50->200m businesses both in the pharmaceutical industry and services. With over 30 years of experience in leadership roles at Novo Nordisk, MSD, Wyeth and most recently as Managing Director of Ashfield Healthcare in the UK, Pierre will play a key role in building the market and driving change in the medicinal cannabis industry towards a more traditional pharmaceutical approach and model. He will also further build the evolving evidence base whilst working on making this new treatment option more broadly available for patients.

Public News Coverage

Our position as national leaders in importing and supplying medicinal cannabis and CBMPs has led to a large amount of press interest. We have had the privilege of providing accurate information and insight into the state of the market both operationally and legislatively. We have featured in a number of news and media outlets in the last year including, Sky, BBC, the Victoria Derbyshire show, Vice, Bloomberg, Financial Times, the Pharmaceutical Journal, and more.


Overall, it has been a successful first year for Logist and we are delighted to have such a prestigious group of exclusive global manufacturers to proudly represent in front of healthcare professionals.

In the coming year we have ambitious targets in place that will ensure we continue to provide doctors with the sufficient support needed and to guarantee continuity of supply for patients. As doctors begin to assess the results of this new treatment option with their patients, clinics start to gain their CQC approval, and more doctors make their first prescriptions of CBMPs, we will see an influx of demand in the UK.

Kind Regards, and Happy New Year!
From the Logist Team.