Grow Biotech and Logist welcome changes to medical cannabis import rules in the UK

Alex FraserNews

This is a major step for Grow Biotech in its mission to enable access to cannabis medicines to patients who need them.  

  • On Monday 2nd March, the UK government announced changes to the rules on importing cannabis-based medication.
  • Grow Biotech’s CEO Ben Langley met with UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock and key industry leaders to discuss improving patient access to medical cannabis.
  • These changes allow Grow Biotech to further increase the import and supply of cannabis medicines for patients who need them.
  • Grow Biotech is committed to working closely with the department of health to improve patient access and reduce the cost of medicine.

Tuesday 02 March: Grow Biotech welcomes the changes to the rules on importing medical cannabis announced by the Government today. These changes will allow Grow Biotech and IPS’ joint venture Logist Pharma – the UK’s leading importer of medical cannabis – to significantly reduce costs associated with the import of medication and the time taken for patients to receive their prescriptions once written.

Previously companies who wished to import medical cannabis to the UK could only import medicines for each patient on a monthly basis. Now we will be able to import larger quantities of cannabis medicines enabling more cost-effective imports that will mean passing on savings to patients.

The changes to the regulations also mean patients will now have access to medical products within days instead of months. 

Ben Langley, CEO of Grow Biotech personally met with Matt Hancock to discuss how the industry could better work with the government to improve patient access. 

Langley said, “Grow Biotech very much welcome these changes to restrictions on importing medicinal cannabis products into the UK. We have so far handled more than 200 prescriptions for medicinal cannabis for patients and this move will allow us to help more patients and better  support prescribing doctors in their decision making process with our broad range of products.”

Langley also noted that steps will be taken to ensure more transparency of costs associated with the import of medical cannabis, ensuring that savings made by companies are passed on to patients. 

Grow Biotech are currently working on a revolutionary access program for patients, which will be announced shortly.