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Our team at Grow Pharma is very proud to lead a national coalition for public information on cannabis medicines in the UK through a multi-media, multi-stakeholder public education campaign called Open Cannabis.

We’ve brought together a unique coalition of organisations, leaders, patient support groups, patients and specialist clinics, which seeks to better inform the public about cannabis medicines and increase access to medications. We are also very pleased about the MP support for this project.

This initiative demonstrates our passion and commitment to facilitating access to cannabis medicines for patients all over the UK who could benefit from this option.

As a key importer and distributor in the UK, Grow Pharma was already doing significant work to increase access to cannabis medicines by focussing on healthcare professional education and product supply. We realised that if we wanted to see more change that will directly benefit the wider public and potential patients, we also needed to address the lack of accurate information and clarify misconceptions.

This meant putting patients before competition and working collaboratively as an industry.

Together, by pooling our knowledge, resources and networks, we can help better inform the public, and help to get medication to those who can benefit from it.

Although cannabis medicines have been legal in the UK since 2018 – prescription numbers remain relatively low – in part due to a general lack of public knowledge on the subject. A recent survey carried out by Open Cannabis and paid for by Grow, indicates that only 14% of the UK population know how to access cannabis medicines, and only 22% know what symptoms they are used to treat.

Open Cannabis is the first step to changing things for the better.

You can find out more by visiting the Open Cannabis website at https://www.opencannabis.uk/ . The website is a key part of the campaign and will serve as the first port of call for patients and self-medicators seeking information about cannabis medicines in the UK.

You’ll be able to download a free guide to cannabis medicines, use the ‘find a specialist clinic’ service, access a cannabis use tracker and also have links to additional resources for both patients and healthcare practitioners.

A multi-platform social media campaign will complement the website and encourage users of cannabis medicines across the UK to share their stories and further raise awareness. 

My team and I are looking forward to working with our partners to make a real, tangible difference for patients and contribute to improve access to cannabis medicines in the UK.

CEO of Grow Pharma, Pierre Van Weperen

For more information visit https://www.opencannabis.uk/

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