Together we bring almost 100 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.

“We are bound together by our commitment to do the right thing for patients.”

-Andrew Scully, Grow Pharma

Grow Pharma is a joint venture between the Grow Group and IPS Specials. Grow sources globally for the best possible suppliers and their products. We only work with approved growers and we look for quality, consistent supply, broad range of flowers and oils, product innovation,opportunities to reduces prices, sustainability and results of trials or studies to support the use of products.

Our medical team then goes out to educate interested healthcareprofessionals and sometimes even help them in setting up their practice or joining a clinic if needed. We organise networking and training events, bring in experienced prescribers from other countries or scientists from producers or universities to talk through data and trials. All to support doctors in their journey and help them chose the right medicines for patients.

Our focus on patients is also reflected in the role of our patient access lead who is very well connected, is a patient himself and is always on call to support patients with non-medical questions. If medical, he will refer them to our medical team.

IPS brings 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market with importing, manufacturing, warehousing and through their own (Vertical-) pharmacy dispensing products to pharmacies, hospitals and most importantly directly to patients at their home address (or alternative) without extra cost.

This setup guarantees a fully COVID proof chain from (online) consultation to home delivery of the cannabis medicines, usually within 24-48 hours after you saw your doctor. This timing can be slightly longer when dispensing to the Channel islands or The Isle of Man but we will always strive to do the best possible for patients.

The integration of our businesses also enables us to optimise the supply chain in our efforts to further reduce prices. There are no extra or hidden cost for patients other than the export licenses to the Channel Islands (see separate item in our blogs session).


Ben Langley

Cannabis thought leader, one of first UK investors into cannabis in 2016 before founding Grow Biotech in 2017. Previously spent 12 years as an Investment Banker at JPMorgan.


Pierre Van Weperen

Operational and strategic leader with significant successes in running £50->200m businesses both in the pharmaceutical industry and services.


Ashok Patel

Former practicing pharmacist with over 40 years experience building businesses in the pharmaceutical sector. Extensive experience in all aspects of market access - unlicensed and licensed.


Tony Dutta

Over 30 years experience establishing international markets in the pharmaceutical sector - unlicensed and licensed - with senior roles at Intertech, Idis, Schering Plough, and Bio Products Laboratory.