Grow Pharma and their partner clinics lead the charge in speeding up access to more affordable cannabis medicines in the UK via Grow Open Access Initiative.


In collaboration with leading UK clinics, Grow Pharma have launched the Grow Open Access Initiative, a patient access programme, focused on providing patients with a simpler, faster, and more affordable access to cannabis medicines.

The launch of the Open Access Initiative addresses the frustrations of UK patients, annoyed at the costs, opaque practices and lack of consistent supply of medical cannabis.

Here are the benefits:


More Affordable

As more cannabis medicines prescriptions are issued for patients, the scaling of distribution allows a reduction in prices which means reduced costs of access for patients. Although clinic costs vary and product cost is determined by individual patient needs, medicine prices are all inclusive (including dispensing and delivery) with no hidden costs.



Considering that enough programmes in the UK focus on data collection, the Initiative does not, and therefore does not require patients to share their data. Patients can simply make an appointment at a participating clinic, several of which offer a free eligibility consultation. Doctors will document treatment per standard clinical practice.



Prescribing doctors have access to the broadest range of medicines and are constantly aware of stock levels and product prices, avoiding irritating delays in prescribing and delivery. Patients do not have to sign up to anything to benefit from the initiative - they can simply make an appointment at a participating clinic.

Grow Pharma have joined forces with three of the UK’s leading clinics to launch this Initiative: Integro Medical Clinics, Cannabis Access Clinics, MyAccess Clinics, and the soon to open Medical Cannabis Services Clinics. It is only through closer collaboration that issues

relating to patient access will be solved.

Unlike the two previous access schemes available in the UK whose key remit is data collection, the Initiative focuses on providing patients with a wide range of affordable medicines that are readily available without hidden costs or delays.

When it comes to medical cannabis treatment, UK patients have a number of options for medical cannabis treatments. As well as a growing number of specialist clinics, patients can also choose to join a data registry or access program. With the launch of the Grow Open Access Initiative, Grow Pharma reaffirms and showcases its commitment to ease access to cannabis medicines in the UK with a consistent supply of a wide range of products, and

provides a simpler, faster, and more affordable route for patients to choose from.

“It’s really important that patients can access prescribed medical cannabis at affordable prices and without delays.”,said Pierre van Weperen, CEO of Grow Pharma.

“We’ve designed the Grow Open Access Initiative so prescribing doctors have access to the broadest products range and will be aware of stock levels and product prices in real time, avoiding delays in prescribing and delivery, and there are no hidden dispensing or delivery fees. Patients won’t have to sign up to anything to benefit from the initiative - they can simply make an appointment at a participating clinic, several of which offer a free eligibility consultation”.

“It’s great to see the Grow Open Access Initiative come online in the UK. More patient access schemes means more diversity in the choice that patients have to get a treatment in the country and ultimately, it will make prescriptions more affordable for patients as more get treated”, said Dr Sunil Arora, from MyAccess Clinics, one of the clinics partner of the Initiatives.

“The fact that patients are finding the existing system hard to navigate or opaque in its practices is incredibly damaging to their trust in the legal market” said Alex Fraser, Patient Access Lead at Grow Pharma.

“We need to work harder, and together, to make sure patient’s needs are put first”.

Here are the clinics:


Integro Medical Clinics

Integro Medical Clinics was established to deliver fresh hope and improve quality of life for individuals who have failed to be adequately treated by conventional pharmaceutical medical approaches. Doctors and patients can access innovative therapies, including cannabis medicine, to help with a broad range of debilitating pain related conditions.


Cannabis Access Clinics

Cannabis Access Clinics prides itself on providing specialist, affordable and fast treatment to UK patients in need. Accessing medical cannabis in the UK needn’t be an expensive, slow process! We offer a free same day appointment via phone or video with an experienced medical cannabis prescriber, who will help assess your suitability for treatment and explain the process involved. Our specialists currently focus on the treatment of treatment-resistant chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea and vomiting.


MyAccess Clinics

MyAccess Clinics provides leading independent advice to help patients access medical cannabis treatments. We pride ourselves on a reputation of delivering affordable and supportive care for patients suffering from debilitating conditions including  Neuropathic or chronic pain, Generalised anxiety disorder, Sleep disorder, PTSD and ADHD. Our clinics are one of the first medical cannabis clinics regulated by the CQC.


Medical Services Access Clinics

At MCS Clinics, we provide doctors and patients direct access to high-quality, personalised medical cannabis treatments across the UK. With over 50,000 consultations carried out worldwide, there’s peace of mind from our global experience. Our process is straightforward, our team is compassionate, and our services are affordable for all.