Harry Wildschut
Harry Wildschut

Harry Wildschut

CEO, GROW® Iberia, SLU 


Harry Wildschut MBA RM 


With a Master’s in Business Administration, a Bachelor in Marketing & Economics, and as a Chartered Marketeer, Harry (1960) held senior positions in international sales (VP), marketing (CMO) and general management (CEO) in global manufacturing and retail. As an entrepreneur he founded and managed several companies in the graphics industry. 


“I co-founded Sanoid Isolates in 2018 with the vision to produce medicinal cannabis with its incredible benefits for patients around the world. With the help of shareholders of a medicinal cannabis R&D company in Spain, we obtained a unique cultivation license from the Spanish Health Agency and built 4 hectares of hybrid greenhouses near Sevilla in 2019. We grew our first large scale crop under the Andalusian sun in 2020, at significantly lower cost than the typical indoor growing.

In 2021 GROW acquired Sanoid Isolated (now GROW Group Iberia) to fund the build of GMP processing facilities in Córdoba to produce medicinal GMP cannabis flower, concentrates and final cannabis-based medicines such as tablets, tinctures, etc., to be sold through GROW’s retail companies to GROW patients. Currently in the UK and Germany, but from 2023 also in Spain as legalization will open that market for us as well.” 

Investors can talk to me about:

Life in Spain, Strategic Marketing, my sons (1991, 1995), leading teams with vision, heart and dedication, sustainability, and, of course, medicinal cannabis. 

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