Cannabis MedicinesWe supply the widest range of high-quality cannabis medicines

With ratios from 22:1, over 20:1, 18:1, 14:1, 10:10 (or 8:8) to even CBD dominant flowers with different terpene profiles available. That gives patient and prescribers choice and the option to really get the right medicine for the right patient.

Our range of oils covers everything from high (pure) CBD to balanced and high (and ultra-high concentrated) THC for specific pain related symptoms. IPS can also manufacture bespoke ratios if they fit better and all CBD containing products can be isolates of full spectrum (see our blog section for that). Soon we will also be able to add specific terpenes and for example CBG to our oils if requested.

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CalyxThe Grow Patient App

Track your health, your medications and your daily activities, with CALYX, the patient app from Grow Pharma.

CALYX is designed to support patients, whether they want to track their own health, connect with a doctor or clinic or be involved in Real World Evidence studies. It gives the user the ability to choose the symptoms, medications, daily activities or health related goals they wish to track.

Grow Open Access Initiative

In collaboration with leading UK clinics, Grow Pharma have launched the Grow Open Access Initiative, a patient access programme, focused on providing patients with a simpler, faster, and more affordable access to cannabis medicines.

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Open Cannabis

We’re proud to support the Open Cannabis campaign to challenge the misconceptions around cannabis medicines so more people who need them can benefit from them.

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