GROW is a leading distributor of <span>prescribed</span> cannabis medicines across Europe.
GROW is a leading distributor of <span>prescribed</span> cannabis medicines across Europe.

GROW is a leading distributor of prescribed cannabis medicines across Europe.

We focus on distribution, supply and innovation.

Our Goal

  1. Vision: To create a world where prescribed cannabis medicines are available to all who could benefit from them.
  2. Mission: Provide global access to quality prescribed cannabis medicines by breaking down barriers & innovating.
  3. Ambition: To be Europe’s leading supplier of medical cannabis by patient numbers by 2025, and the world’s by 2030.

The Problem: People cannot access the medicines they need.

Awareness and Education

55% of the public do not know about medicinal cannabis. Out of 95k specialists in the UK, less than 100 actively prescribe it.


The global supply chain is highly regulated, and fragmented. It often fails to provide reliable, quality supply at fair prices.

Lack of innovation

Cannabis medicines and technologies have not progressed in over 80 years. Over 50% of EU cannabis prescriptions are flower-based.

We are guided by science and inspired to innovate, in order to solve these problems for patients.

The Solution

Breaking down barriers

Resolving the issues that prevent access: from doctor education, to public awareness campaigns and logistics.

Best medicine basket

Over 80% of the UK’s premium medicinal cannabis products are exclusive to GROW.


Produce the technologies and medical cannabis medicines of the future through cutting edge research and development.

Invest in the future of biopharmaceuticals and patient care.


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Investor Relations

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Investor Relations & Business Development

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