Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Trading & Business Development, GROW® Group


Patrick ‘Paddy’ Johnson 


Paddy studied anthropology before embarking on a career across headhunting, broking and sales in the alcohol, commodities & renewable energy industries. Paddy also embarked on his own adventure expeditions and holds a world record for crossing the Atlantic as a crew of four in a pedalo, raising over £250,000 for a mental health charity in the process. 


“I enjoy debunking stigma, asking questions of society, proving an argument (without arguing) and empowering people to achieve what they aim to. I wanted to put some of my sales skills to good use and contribute towards changing perceptions of a widely misunderstood plant. Cannabis reform is something that has always interested me and I truly believe that GROW’s professional attitude is exactly what is required if we are going to see greater access for patients.” 

Investors can talk to me about:

Cannabis procurement & trading, the GROW investment opportunity, what we do here at GROW, how we’re different, who we’re helping and how we fit in. 

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