GROW Biotech

Developing the next generation of cannabis technologies.

As the R&D arm of GROW Group, GROW Biotech is guided by science and inspired by innovation. We are committed to the development of technologies that will create the safe and beneficial cannabis medicines of the future. GROW Biotech continue to break down scientific barriers, ensuring the availability of cannabis medications bespoke to patients’ needs.

Based at the Harpenden R&D laboratory, just outside London, our team of best-in-class PhD scientists are working on the following:

Processing Technologies - allowing for the cheap, accurate, and rapid production of medicinally-effective cannabis compounds

Precise Dose and Ratio Control - enabling the precise measurement of individual doses and compound mixture ratios for the increase of bioavailability, bioabsorption, precision, and stability

Delivery Mechanisms - creating tailored measured dose devices for cannabis and inhalation in particular

GROW is committed to investment in innovation and R&D for the production of best-in-class medicines. We create, licence and sell revolutionary technologies, enabling the production of better, cheaper, more precise, and ultimately more effective hydrophobic medicines.

Forward strides are being taken by our R&D division as we effectively transform the theory of our innovative technologies into practice.

GROW’s Intellectual Property

GROW’s expanding scope of intellectual property includes:

  • A Patent Class for Selective Recovery of Hydrophobic Compounds, with the first patent application for our game-changing medical cannabis purification technology made in November 2019
  • An issued patent for Modified Surface Technology
  • A patent application for Pharmaceutical Compositions for Vaporisation and Inhalation

Collaborative agreements have also been established with the International Scientific Partner Organizations.

Processing Technologies

Processing Technologies

Precise Dose and Ratio Control

Precise Dose and Ratio Control

Delivery Mechanisms

Delivery Mechanisms

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