<span>GROW</span> Germany
<span>GROW</span> Germany

GROW Germany

Improving patients‘ lives through an innovative approach to medical cannabis

The GROW Group is a global biopharmaceutical company, whose goal is to improve patients’ lives through innovative therapeutic approaches with cannabis-based medicines.

GROW Germany focuses on exploring new pathways and innovative solutions with physicians and health care professionals to improve patient outcomes.

To improve access to cannabinoid-based therapies, we support physicians’ and patients’ navigation to reimbursement, while pursuing global strategies to improve affordability of medical cannabis products for healthcare systems and patients.

The GROW Group aims to be recognised as one of the most innovative medical cannabis companies in Europe.

GROW Germany, working with the pharmaceutical company NIMBUS Health, is an important part of the GROW Group vision to reach and touch the lives’ of as many patients as possible.

GROW Germany partners with physicians and pharmacists to explore innovative therapeutic options in cannabinoid medicines. We believe this collaboration will bring new products that enhance the quality of life of patients with chronic and debilitating diseases.

GROW Germany seeks partners for scientific projects and plans significant investment in research and publication projects in the years to come.

GROW Germany currently supports pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists with the goal of finding

  • Unique strains of cannabis flower
  • New formulations of extracts, better suited to patients’ needs
  • Innovative forms of administration to bridge the gap with all patient demographics

GROW is committed to building long-term relationships with all stakeholders striving for innovation in cannabis-based medicine development.

Because every patient matters…

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