GROW Group

Because Every Patient Matters.

Already one of Europe’s leading medical cannabis companies, GROW seek to be the world's number one supplier of medical cannabis by patient numbers by 2025. Each of our expert team members share in the focus of supplying the greatest variety of high-quality medicines, sourced internally and through leading third-party brands.

GROW continues to break down the barriers preventing cannabis medicines from reaching patients. We make the investment in biotechnological R&D for the creation of cannabis medicines of the future.

Such efforts are rewarded, with GROW supplying more than 3,000 patients in the UK, with over 40% of the national market share. We have 30 employees spread across the UK, Spain, and Germany; with every one contributing to the sustained growth of revenues.

The GROW Story

Our Co-Founders, Ben Langley and Dr. Ian Atkinson, met on the day of German legalisation in Berlin. It soon became clear that these kindred spirits shared a belief in the future of the medical cannabis industry.

Both Ben and Ian realised that the key to unlocking the medical potential of cannabis lay in the tools needed to deliver precision and quality compounds through biotechnological innovation.

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