<span>GROW</span> Iberia
<span>GROW</span> Iberia

GROW Iberia

Delivering Cannabinoids to the world.

Aiming to make the use of cannabinoids safe, accessible and sustainable, the GROW group have secured the first part of a Spanish production licence. Working under the banner of GROW Iberia, we will be able to cultivate under the most favourable conditions in Europe.

Growth of medical cannabis in the optimal climate of Andalusia will enable us to produce high-quality cannabinoid extract and purified isolates.

We will be able to fulfil the quality and traceability requirements set within the ever-growing cannabis-infused markets.

Currently in the process of registering a manufacturer of GMP-compliant medicinal cannabis products, we look set to have distinct competitive advantages across each step of the value chain. GROW customers will be assured of support in the widening of the product range, improvement of quality, and mitigation of supply risk.

Working together with our partners, we promise to build a robust process covering the upstream value chain. We will cultivate registered genetics and apply patented processing methods to produce the quality and traceability required by our customers.

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