Dr. Ian Atkinson
Dr. Ian Atkinson

Dr. Ian Atkinson

CSO, Co-founder and Board Member, GROW® Group 


Dr. Ian Atkinson 


Dr. Ian Atkinson is a world-class geneticist, botanist and C-suite officer with a wealth of experience across the science industry. Having completed his PhD in biological sciences and Post-Doctoral fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, he has worked within the Biotech sector for over 20 years. He co-founded the medical device company, Innovative Trauma Care, in 2010 and the cannabis research company, Lunaverse, in 2017. His experience has proven of immense value in the key role of Chief Scientific Officer for the GROW Group. 


“Doing the right thing for patients and creating the best workflow to enact this is incredibly important. The industry needs to focus more on rigour and pharmaceutical processes than it has done historically, for example, investing time and resources into research which has been delayed by years of stigma. Researchers need to focus on proper potential therapeutics for patients.” 

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Cannabis science, genetics, innovation, scientific research, and biotechnology.  

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