Josephine McFarlane
Josephine McFarlane

Josephine McFarlane

Marketing Lead, GROW® Group 


Joséphine McFarlane BSc 


Specialising in international and digital marketing, Joséphine took an interest in cannabis marketing early in their studies at King’s College London; working for CBD start-up Dragonfly Biosciences. After seeing the complex cannabis world, Joséphine wrote a dissertation which created a model of how to destigmatize “newly legalized products” through marketing- such as medical cannabis, CBD, Delta-8-THC, and other potential therapeutics.  


“I have a deep passion for the medical cannabis industry, due to how much cannabinoids have helped both myself and my loved ones. There’s a reason why it’s been my special interest for 7 years. The plant has huge potential to make lives better across the world, and I’m proud to contribute to an industry that empowers patients every day.” 

Investors and businesses can talk to me about:

marketing, advertising, collaborations, accessibility, social equity and destigmatizing cannabis 

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