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Manish Kotecha, BA


Manish has over 20 years of experience working with start-ups and growth companies and has held the role of CFO/Finance Director in several publicly listed companies. During this time, he has been involved in numerous fundraising initiatives both for equity and debt exceeding £200 million.

Most notably he was part of the management team of AIM & ASX listed Caledon Resources plc that in 2011 sold an Australian coal business to a Chinese sovereign wealth fund for c£310 million.

Manish’s key strengths include developing and implementing robust internal controls, reporting and compliance procedures suitable for young growth companies that are publicly traded.


“I am deeply committed to the medical cannabis industry, driven by the positive experiences my family has had with cannabinoids. The use of medical cannabis has significantly alleviated symptoms of RSI within my family, allowing us to maintain our daily activities without relying on traditional medications.

Additionally, we have found remarkable relief from arthritis pain through cannabis, choosing it over conventional painkillers for a more natural approach to health. Witnessing the profound impact of medical cannabis firsthand, I am passionate about advancing this industry to help others achieve similar benefits. It is incredibly fulfilling to be part of a field that provides effective, natural solutions for patients worldwide.”

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finance, administration, and regulation

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