Pierre Van Weperen
Pierre Van Weperen

Pierre Van Weperen

CEO, GROW® Pharma 


Pierre Van Weperen MA 


35 years in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing, BUD and MD roles   


“Without the pharmaceutical industry our lives would look significantly different. Shorter, more painful and full of deadly threats every day. We help doctors to save lives, give people back their lives, let grandparents pick up their grandchildren again, combat serious infections, cure cancers, help patients with mental health problems. Without my medication I would have been in a wheelchair 15 years ago. We make a difference to millions of people every day. That’s worth getting out of bed for.” 

Investors can talk to me about:

Marketing, sales, leadership, strategy, healthcare systems, access to cannabis medicines, investing, pharmaceutical industry and cannabis medicines, rules and regulations, compliance, GoToMarket models, working with successful teams, golf and ballroom dancing 

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