Susan Bailey  Nosbuesch
Susan Bailey  Nosbuesch

Susan Bailey Nosbuesch

CEO, DACH Region


Susan Bailey Nosbuesch 


20+ years commercial leadership in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple countries and regions 


“Throughout my career, I have been blessed to be in companies with an extreme focus and commitment to R&D with the mission to improve the quality of life for patients and families worldwide.   

My passion is about making a difference through collaboration with medical professionals, political stakeholders and patient communities, forging new approaches to health, healing and management of disease. Having lost family and friends to debilitating diseases, I take this work very personally.”  

Investors can talk to me about:

Individualised medicine, innovation in healthcare systems, real world data, improving access for patients living with chronic conditions and rare diseases, pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy, cannabis medicines, medical marketing 

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