Vanessa Mühlhäuser
Vanessa Mühlhäuser

Vanessa Mühlhäuser

Head of Business Development and Medical Operations, GROW® Germany


Vanessa Mühlhäuser, MSc


With a strong scientific focus, Vanessa became interested in the potential of medical cannabis early during her biochemistry studies at the university of Tübingen. Building upon this knowledge, she pursued a master’s degree in biology at the university of Freiburg, further honing her expertise in the field. Vanessa worked in different roles, where she gained valuable experience and contributed her scientific acumen, e.g. to marketing and sales initiatives for pharmaceutical companies such as Teva and AstraZeneca. Her interdisciplinary background equips her with a unique perspective and versatile skill set, enabling her to thrive in the complex medical cannabis industry.


“As someone with a deep-rooted passion for improving people’s lives, I am motivated by the potential of cannabis as an innovative therapeutic tool. Witnessing the positive impact medical cannabis has on patients’ lives and understanding the underlying mechanisms drives me to be part of this industry. I am thrilled to contribute to the ongoing research and education efforts to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis and be at the forefront of advances in medical benefits. Doing my part every day to shape the future of healthcare for the better makes me proud.”

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research, innovation, education, marketing, collaborations, medical cannabis in Germany

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