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Patients FirstWe put patients at the heart of everything we do.

At Grow, we know there are millions of patients who can benefit from cannabis medicines. We aim to cater to as many patients as possible by having the best basket of a variety of high-quality cannabis medicines. Grow then breaks down the barriers that prevent these medicines from reaching patients.

For Patients

We support patients in a variety of ways including access to the best cannabis medicines available, education and digital products.

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For Doctors

It is our priority to support, educate, and empower healthcare professionals, helping them to make an informed decision when prescribing CBMPs and working with them to navigate the system.

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A shared passion to improve the cannabis medicine market and boost innovation in the sector.




Helping Patients Thrive

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Grow Open Access Initiative

In collaboration with leading UK clinics, Grow Pharma have launched the Grow Open Access Initiative, a patient access programme, focused on providing patients with a simpler, faster, and more affordable access to cannabis medicines.

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Open Cannabis

We’re proud to support the Open Cannabis campaign to challenge the misconceptions around cannabis medicines so more people who need them can benefit from them. Check out the campaign here.

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